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We are advertising this horse for Brad Stephens, 785-224-5541,  Holton, KS.
                            Cee My Mojo Dash Bye         AQHA    2011       Black gelding         $4250

This gelding is 15 hds.  A  First Down Dash/ Bob's Hondo bred gelding.  He's been one that was on the back burner, too. 
 Brad been using him in the big pastures doctoring cattle, dragging calves to the fire, and some feedlot work.  He's starting to like that cattle work.  Brad's getting a good handle on him.  He says he's really want to go to the calf and work 'em.
Would make a good roping prospect or barrel prospect.  Give Brad a call if interested.

Here's another one that Brad is riding and is for sale.....
                          SRK Jessies Breeze                               March, 2010           Gray Mare                         $4500

This 8 yr old gray mare is riding really nice.  He uses her the same way as the black horse; in big pastures checking cows/calves. Doctoring, dragging calves to the fire.  
She's a nice horse to be around,  he even uses a hand sprayer on her to spray pastures and she don't mind.   You can leave her set for a month and get right on her and ride right off without a hitch.  Same everyday.  
She started really well in the head box, ready to go compete.   Sounds like a nice mare to own.  Give him a call if you have more questions.

 Here is a recent video:  
  check it out.  

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